About us

About us

We have been making the outstanding wines of Balaton Region in Gyukli Vinery for about four decades. Besides the worldwide grape varieties Gyukli Vinery also puts a special emphasis on the production of wines made of traditional Hungarian grape types.

By the experimental plantations of the recent years we have worked out the heading of fungus resistant types, and viticulture and soil cultivation modes which, in terms of ecological viticulture fit in better with the characteristics of the wine region, and can increase the touristic significance of the region as well.

As winegrowers we believe that nature is pure, hence both in the vineyard and the cellar we support its processes without using chemicals.  At Gyukli Vinery, over the years, we have been putting emphasis on the preservation of the sustainable good condition of the plantations, the careful selection of the grapes fitting the crop land, and the reduction of the ecological footprint caused during farming.

In a sense, producing our wines is taking responsibility of our environment and health; and it becomes obvious during the tasting that ecological farming is the one and only way in the long run.

The unique combination of the endowment of the Balatonfüred - Csopak wine region and the potential of chemical-free viticulture appear in our wines year after year.